Automated Knowledge Testing System

The modern system for automated knowledge and qualifications assessment.

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Yümsel - modern and robust solution

The Yümsel platform has been designed with an intuitive interface that is easy to use for everyone.

  • Integration
    Easy integration and configuration

    The modern API used by Yümsel allows the system to be easily integrated into any software managed by CRM and ERM systems.

  • Safety
    Safety and non-interference guarantee

    Our software has strong encryption and all information is stored directly on the company servers which have a high degree of security.

  • software
    Fast and optimized software

    Due to integration with cloud technologies, where all data is stored, our system is adapted and available for use on any platform.

  • System
    Transparent evaluation system

    The software shows detailed statistics on passing exams and provides detailed video recording of the entire process.

  • Multilingual
    Multilingual testing

    We provide the ability to fully customize the program interface for the convenience of users in different countries.

  • Customization
    Customization for any tasks

    Yümsel provides the ability to create individual exams and tests and customize the knowledge assessment system for each specific case.

Flexible, stable and transparent system

If you have previously worked with another platform, all materials can be easily transferred to Yümsel. Our product also has the following advantages:

  • During the exam, the system makes a detailed video recording of the entire process for detailed analysis.
  • You can set up a flexible assessment system, where the score will depend on the complexity of the question.
  • Yümsel software is installed on cloud servers, which guarantees uptime of 99.9988%.
  • The system supports multilingualism that allows you to translate exams and the system interface into any language.
  • The ability to keep a schedule of exams is integrated in Yümsel.

About the Yümsel system

When developing the Yümsel software, Bison Tech Solutions IT specialists took into account all the nuances and solved a number of difficult problems that exist in similar products.

Testing with this system eliminates any possibility of outside interference. All answer options rotate randomly from the moment the application starts.

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Use familiar and regular tools

We work with most well-known services to provide our customers with the most convenient and advanced tools.

  • Chrome
  • Amazon
  • Zapier
  • Data Studio
  • Dropbox
  • Microsoft
  • Zoom
  • Meta
  • Webhook
  • Vimeo

Technical support and customer assistance

If you need help, our team specialists will always be in touch and advise you on any questions regarding the operation and configuration of the Yümsel system.

We offer a convenient system of interaction with technical support and full support of our clients, so you can easily contact us at any time, if it’s necessary.


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